Our mission is to produce the highest quality conference, symposia, training courses, and publications for our interested audience. The events produced by ISE, Inc. will be sponsored by Institute for Scientific Communications, Inc. www.ifscomm.org - a non-profit organization and are highly selective, novel, and of the highest professional caliber. One major goal of the Institute, as exemplified by the symposia, is to foster communication among industrial, regulatory, and academic practitioners through the Institute for Scientific Communications, Inc.

All DDI & ETS-2011 Participants:  Please find all speaker presentations in PDF FORMAT at


DDI and ETS-2011 are now sponsored by Institute for Scientific Communication, Inc. http://www.ifscomm.org

ISC is a not-for-profit organization with the mission to distribute scientific knowledge via effective communications.  ISC will sponsor conferences and workshops to allow exchange of scientific observations and ideas, with the ultimate goal being timely application of the latest scientific discoveries to better human lives.